Help on the Site

Maybe what you are really looking for is a glossary, or you want to learn about us.

Hopefully, this web application has been so well designed that you can skip this page. Nevertheless, there are some tricks worth knowing.

To find specific players, or players on certain teams, or players at different positions, you begin your search in Players. Type in a few letters of a player's last name, hit the search button, and in short order the player you are looking for should appear on a list of all the players who appeared in the majors last year and have those letters in their name.

To expand the search (and thus slow it down) uncheck the box that says "2007 players only." The database will now search for all living players with those letters in their name -- first name, last name, middle name, nickname -- who played in the majors.

There are thousands of minor leaguers in the database, as well as ex-major leaguers who are deceased; to make the searches faster we hide them. If there's a player you are particularly interested in who is not found in your search, post a request in another player's thread to have your player unhidden; if he's in the database, we'll see to it that he is.

You can list players by position, sorted by what they earned last year. To see the AL catchers listed this way, check the box for catchers, make the league pull-down American League, and check "Sort by last earnings."

You can list all the players in an organization, including minor leaguers who have been unhidden. For the Yankees enter nyy and you'll get all players listed alphabetically, with their 2007 earnings in standard 4x4 leagues. You can also list them by earnings.

The initials for teams in cities that have two teams: nyy, nym, chw, chc, laa, lad.

We have tried to make the searches as forgiving as possible. The talent-rich, identity-challenged Devil Rays respond to both "tam" and "tb."

In Comments, you will find players listed in the order that the comments were posted, starting with the most recent, and in the order of the number of comments, starting with the most.

Click on an author's name to see other comments by that author.

To post a comment click on Add a Comment.

It's that simple.